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Roar 06:17
praṇavādi samuccārāt plutānte śūnya bhāvānāt | śūnyayā parayā śaktyā śūnyatām eti bhairavi || 39 || pra-nava aadi-sam-ud-chaaraat plutaante shoonya–bhaavanaat shoonyayaa parayaa shaktyaa shoonyataam eti bhairavi The roar of joy that set the worlds in motion Is reverberating in your body And the space between all bodies. Beloved, listen. Find that exuberant vibration Rising new in every moment, Humming in your secret places, Resounding through the channels of delight. Know you are flooded by it always. Float with the sound. Melt with it into divine silence. The sacred power of space will carry you Into the dancing radiant emptiness That is the source of all. The ocean of sound is inviting you Into its spacious embrace, Calling you home.
na cittaṁ nikṣiped duḥkhe na sukhe vā parikṣipet | bhairavi jñāyatāṁ madhye kiṁ tattvam avaśiṣyate || 103 || na chittam ni-kshipet duhke na sukhe vaa pari-kshipet bhairavi jnaayataam madhye kim tattvam ava-shishyate That space is bad. This space is good. The ride is rough, Or the going is smooth. We are thrown into suffering, We are thrown into joy. Beloved Soul Mate— Find the space in the center, The pulsing spaciousness Encompassing all opposites. Here the essences of creation are at play: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space, And the senses that perceive them. The center is the dancing ground.
Go There 06:37
tantry ādi vādya śabdeṣu dīrgheṣu krama saṁsthiteḥ | ananya cetāḥ pratyante para vyoma vapur bhavet || 41 || tantri aadi vaadya-shabdeshu deergheshu krama-sam-sthiteh ananya–chetaah prati-ante para–vyoma vapuh bhavet Immerse yourself in the rapture of music. You know what you love. Go there. Tend to each note, each chord, Rising up from silence and dissolving again. Vibrating strings draw us Into the spacious resonance of the heart. The body becomes light as the sky And you, one with the Great Musician, Who is even now singing us Into existence.


Songs inspired by The Radiance Sutras, a poetic version of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.


released May 19, 2019

Thanks to Denise Kaufman for inspiration, composing, consulting.


all rights reserved



The Radiance Sutras Los Angeles, California

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